FAQ's and Terms of Hire

All your questions answered...

How do we see you?
You will need to make an appointment to discuss your special day in detail.  
When should I book?
A booking is only secure when a non-refundable deposit has been paid. We recommend you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if you have anything specific in mind. Like all good wedding related services dates soon get fully booked.  
Do I need to know what I want straight away?
All you should do is ensure your decorator is booked. Decorators can be booked 1-2 years in advance. You don't have to decide the exact details straight away as long as you get the main ideas booked in for your date. You can just have a pre-consultation to get some ideas together at the beginning and research at your leisure afterwards. We finalise all details 8 weeks prior to the wedding.
  What should I bring to the meeting?
Anything you want. We recommend you bring as much as possible i.e. Style of your dress and the bridesmaids. Colour samples, any photographs of room decor or flowers. If you are struggling for ideas then don't panic, that's what we're here for! Just bring yourself and an open mind so we can discuss the many options available to you.  
I'm not sure what style of centrepieces, theme etc. to have for our wedding?
Don't panic. Arrange an appointment to see us and we can discuss the right style for you and your wedding. We can discuss ideas that you already may have but are unsure how to bring it all together or we can create unique ideas from scratch.  
Do you charge for vases,mirrors,candelabra's etc.?
We charge a hire cost to all of these items. There may be an additional security bond which is paid when the overall balance is due. This is only used if items are damaged/broken etc. This will be discussed if items of a certain nature are booked and require a bond.  
If there's a question we haven't covered here then please feel free to contact us.
(Please note these terms are subject to change if there are any unforeseen circumstances)
- A booking is only secure once a deposit has been paid
-Deposits are non-refundable. This is stated at time of booking and also on a letter of confirmation. At no point can a deposit be refunded but may be able to be forwarded off a new balance of a future date if the company is notified. This lies with the discretion of the company owner. The company owner has the final say on the goodwill of moving dates forward and does not except any liability for the hirer's cancelation.
- A refundable security deposit may be required with certain bookings to cover shortages and damages to hired goods. This will be discussed at time of booking or if certain items are added at a later date.
- Once the non-refundable deposit is paid the hirer automatically agrees to the Terms and conditions contract stated here. A letter of confirmation will also be given which states the agreement to these conditions and how they can be viewed. Any specialist terms that could occur with certain items, will be discussed prior to booking and agreed in a verbal contract as part of the booking. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that they fully understand these terms or any verbal terms before placing a deposit. Terms and conditions of hire can be requested in writing within 1 month of booking giving sufficient time to fully understand the hire plan and contract. After this time they can still be requested in writing but may be subject to changes to any original agreement made. Any changes to the general contract that we see necessary to enforce, will be detailed here and other social media services and you will be contacted of these changes if they effect you directly as the hirer.
- All balances are to be paid 8 weeks prior to the event date. Reducing the order amount in any way after this time cannot be refunded.
- If the hirer fails to pay the balance at the agreed time and hasn't contacted the company then we reserve the right to cancel the booking and charge for loss of earnings.
- For cancelations before the 8 week confirmation period, will result in the forfeit of the deposit and any monies paid for sourcing specially requested items.
- For cancelations after the 8 week confirmation period, will result in the forfeit of the whole amount paid for the booking. Balances cannot be refunded after this period. All monies paid will be redeemed by the company as compensation for loss of earnings.
- All cancelations must be received in writing, otherwise the date will still be booked to the hirer and they will be liable for charges for not notifying us of changes.
-In the event of an unavoidable change of date the company will endeavour to supply the goods originally requested, subject to availability. The new change of date must be of similar structure to the original booking in order to supply original goods but may incur increase of prices due to yearly fluctuation of prices of goods.    Please note that all photographs on our website are all our own work unless stated otherwise. Our photographs are copy right and you need permission to use any photographs of our work for your own use. Thank you!
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